The Economy of China and the World Situation


The Economy of China and the World Situation

Specifically, China's first quarter export contribution from negative to positive, if the price factor removed, and then take into account the trade in services, full-caliber of goods and services trade surplus compared with last year is growing. The contribution of net exports of goods and services to economic growth was 4.2%, compared with -11.5% in the same period last year. Combined with the international market trends, the current external demand in the process of picking up the first half of the export situation as a whole to the good.

In addition, the proportion of exports continued to rise, indicating that China's export competitiveness is still strong, but the factors that affect the growth of exports still exist, the second half of the export situation is relatively uncertain. The main influencing factors are that there is still uncertainty about Sino-US trade negotiations. Second, European populism may lead to the deterioration of the international trade environment. Third, the advantages of traditional export products will continue to weaken.

2017 world economic growth situation is still not optimistic, according to PPP GDP growth rate of about 3.0%

The world economy faces many major challenges, including the decline in global potential growth rates, the fragility of financial markets, the weak growth in trade and investment, the increasing inequality in income distribution and wealth distribution, and the increasing trend towards anti-globalization. These factors will curb the strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy. At the same time, geopolitical risks, refugee crises, major political cycles, terrorism and other issues are still affecting the stability and development of the world economy.