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GD/HT108 Infantile Malnutrition Nursing Training Manikins


Brand:General Doctor


1. It is made of high polymer material. Its appearance and texture are lifelike.

2. Infantile malnutrition nursing model has features like big head, thin limbs, weight loss, short stature, etc. The infant is 10-month old. Its height is 67 cm. Its weight is 6.7 KG. Comparing with common 10-month infant, there is a great gap.

3. It is available to conduct infantile basic nursing operation training:

(1). practice infant regular physical examination; measurement of body weight, chest, abdominal and head circumference;

(2). Infant holding, wrap-up and diaper changes;

(3). Sponge bath, facial features cleaning, skin nursing;

4. It is available to cultivate comprehension and patient of students when taking care of sick infants.