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GD/JH2000 Simulated Human Arm for Hemodialysis


Brand:General Doctor


Hemodialysis simulated human is a demonstration model which is designed for clinical learning operation and treatment of hemodialysis patients. Build  vascular access of arteriovenous fistula in line with hemodislysis needs. Vascular trill is palpable.  Use blood pump to puncture arm model to simulate  to build blood circulation access. Use puncture needle to separately puncture relative vascular to conduct vascular operation training.


1. Hemodialysis simulated arm

2. Squeezing balloon to simulate radial artery pulsation

3. After building up vascular access of arteriovenous fistula, vascular trill is palpable.

4. Simulate blood circulation access: connect hemodialysis arm with blood pump, fluid reservoir and two installations of puncture vascular.