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GD/J18 Adult Acupressure Hemostasis Model


Brand:General Doctor

1. This model includes a half-body simulator and a control box. The whole system is powered by lithium battery, and the service time is not less than 10 hours.

2. The user can select the bleeding site by pressing the button on the panel of the control box and conduct the shiatsu hemostasis operation training.There were 5 bleeding positions in the model, namely: (1) common carotid artery (2) occipital artery (3) superficial temporal artery (4) posterior auricular artery (5) facial artery.

3. The model adopts the flashing frequency of red light-emitting diodes to simulate the bleeding effect. There is a pulse in the hemostasis pressing part, and the pressing force, blood loss and operation time are displayed in real time during the hemostasis process. There is a beep sound for success and failure of hemostasis.

4. The hemostatic pressure of each bleeding part of this model can be set freely, and can be restored to the factory default value with one key.

5. This model can set the maximum bleeding time and bleeding volume, and automatically determine as failure of hemostasis when the set value is exceeded.