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GD/F21 Advanced Wearable Gravida Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


1. The model is applicable to male adult, unmarried female, student and premarital education and learning;

2. 13kgs abdominal weight can realistically simulate 40weeks of pregnancy; can also simulate different weeks of pregnancy via adjusting the liquid in the uterine cavity;

3. Wearable design, can carry out four maneuvers of Leopold, breast nursing and other prenatal diagnosis;

4. Wearing it and experience chest distress, lumbago, urinary frequency and other physiological state because of hysterauxesis during

gestation period; can also experience pregnant women’ all kinds of inconvenience;

5. Inject warm water into uterus to simulate amniotic fluid, can also measure uterus height and abdominal circumference;

6. Can be adjusted to be close to the best condition of human body, and act bloom sampling (8-10 weeks of pregnancy) and amniotomy (16-20 weeks of pregnancy).