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GD/F31 Advanced Fundus of Uterus Examination & Evaluation Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


1. With normal physiological changes of the postpartum women, provide assessment of postpartum fundus of uterus and massage skills training;

2. Hip joint is movable and can be placed correct body position.

3. Realistic anatomical landmark of united bones of toes;

4. Interchangeable Uterus:

Normal uterus

Postpartum uterus of the first hour

Postpartum uterus of the second day

Postpartum uterus of the second week

Callous uterus with good contraction

Soft uterus without good contraction   

5. Expansion of vaginal orifice

6. Easy to separate the labium minus and expose the vagina,

7. Lear energy of cunnus