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GD/F51 Vaginal Culdocentesis Simulator


Brand:General Doctor

The model consists of cortex, fixed abdominal visceral organs, uterus, uterine-rectal concave haematodocha, vagina, rectal water sac and the stand. The cortex is used as the cover of the whole model; the devices used in belly are to fix functional visceral organs on their own actual locations. And four parts (uterine-rectal concave water sac, rectal water sac, uterus and vagina) are inlayed into the device. The stand can hold the whole model and keep its breech up, which makes operation simple. The uterine-rectal concave haematodocha and rectal water sac are of cystic structure where to connect two drainage tubes to have liquid infused into.


1. The simulation model is made from advanced materials with correct anatomical positions, soft and elastic skin, true feeling and real pathological tissue;

2. Penetrate into median fornix posterior, which is1 cminferior to the joint of cervix and vagina mucosa, parallel to cervical canal with a No.7 puncture needle, and light red liquid extraction means successful centesis;

3. If puncture isn’t operated according to the conventions, e.g. if the operator pierces into the rectum, there will be yellow liquid extraction, which shows puncture failure;

4. If operator doesn’t insert the needle according to the convention but pierces bilaterally without destination, it will hurt surrounding organs, which shows puncture failure.