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GD/F7C Breast Examination Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


1.  Simulate a female upper body with moderate size breast, be made of imported material, soft skin and realistic touch feeling

2.  Can be tiled on the desktop to demonstrate teaching

3.  With cloth elastic and can be worn in front of breast for self-examination,

    adjustable length and tightness;

4.  Breast tumor and typical features:

    1) Hyperplasia of mammary glands

    2) Slick fringe of the benign tumor and movable;

    3) Lots of different size and hardness malignant tumor in mammary glands;

    4) Metastasis of malignant tumor and lymph, intumesce and accretion of absorbent gland in left arm pit and clavicula;

    5) Sagging breasts

    6) Tangerine pericarp-like changes of skin

    7) Suffusion of one side mamilla