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GD/FT331B Thirty-two Weeks Premature Infant Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


The product has physiological features of premature infant. Weight is less than 2500g; body length is shorter than 47cm. Retained testicle of male infant; female infant’s labium majus can not cover labium minus; visible of physiologic icterus. Provide bregmatic palpation practice, premature infant bathing and care in the incubator. Allow premature infant suction and nasal feeding practice. The model features realistic feeling, soft texture, good flexibility and durability, can be practiced for many times.


GD/FT331B thirty-two Weeks Premature Infant Model

32 weeks of pregnancy (7.5 months)

Body weight 1700g (1300-2100g)

Body length 39cm (38-42cm)


Application range

1. The model is designed as the teaching tool of O & G examination demonstration and exercise operation training. It can be used for clinical education demonstration and students practice training for medical schools, nursing college and medical college.

2. For hospital clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics staff education practice operation;

3. For the clinical medical popularity training in the basic health unit;


Maintenance and warranty

1. After training session, wipe the model clean and encase, then put it in the dry and cool place so as to extend the using life.

2. with spare parts for replacement.

3. We guarantee a period of two years free warranty basing on the copy of purchasing invoice and warranty card; lifetime maintenance, and cost should be liable for users.