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GD/FT Series Newborn Baby Dolls


Brand:General Doctor


1. Newborn care: Bath, changing clothes and diaper and omphaloidean care.

2. Umbilical cord and placenta present for training cord ligation, Realistic placenta for training placenta expulsion exercises.

3. The skin is made of importing PVC and using technique of plastic injection mould. With features of lifelike shape, durability, realistic operation and reasonable structure, the model will give you realistic feeling when operating.

Apply Range:

1. Medical college, midwifery profession and paediatrics: Instructing and operating newborn care

2. Gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics workers,: Vocational education

3. Primary sanitation organization: Popularizing medical technology

Maintenance and repair:

1. After training, clean the model. Don’t put the model in sunshine.

2. If the model won’t be used, clean the model. Pack and put it at shady, dry place. These methods will prolong its using life.

3. We guarantee to keep the model in good repair basing on the copy invoice and warranty card. The time limit of the free repair is one year.