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GD/H126 Advanced Nursing Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

The system is designed according to the latest nursing curriculum for clinical nursing training. It includes full-body female manikin, non-invasive BP measurement trainer, snap-in chest skin, with basic nursing and advanced nursing features.

Basic nursing features:

1. Face washing

2. Eye irrigation and administration

3. Pupil observation: Direct contrast of normal and mydriasis pupils

4. Oral cavity nursing, artificial teeth care

5. Airway management: oral, nasal and tracheal intubation, incision of trachea care, sputum suction, oxygen inhaling;

6. Oral and nasal feeding, gastric lavage Injection:

Arm venous injection, blood drawing, subcutaneous injection of deltoid muscle, vastus lateralis injection, buttocks intramuscular injection;

7. Puncture: hydropneumothorax puncture, pneumothorax puncture

8. Enema, male/female urethral catheterization, male/female bladder irrigation

9. Stoma drainage: colostomy, ileostomy stoma

10. Holistic nursing: washing, cold and hot therapy

11. Flexible limbs joints, can bend, rotation, upper and lower move ment


Advanced nursing features:

1. Simulate locked jaw, stiff neck, airway obstruction, carotid artery  pulse, radial artery pulse, pneumothorax

2. BP measurement features:

  1) Can use real BP gauge and auscultator to measure BP

  2) With korotkoff Gap voice, volume can be adjusted

  3) Systolic pressure and diastolic pressure can be set separately

  4) Can adjust systolic and diastolic pressure values and pulse frequency according to teaching requirement;

  5) LCD display

3. CPR features:

Support multiple ventilation ways, such as mouth to mouth,mouth to nose, bag respirator to mouth; electronic display of inflation volume, compression site and depth.