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GD/H80 Transparent Gastric Lavage Simulator


Brand:General Doctor

The model simulates a male adult upper body structure, with anatomical structure of nasal cavity, oral cavity, teeth, tongue, uvula, reply, vocal cord, trachea,  lungs, esophagus, stomach, liver and small intestine. The simulator is made of imported material with realistic touch feeling, and the stomach is made of high intensity transparent material, which is convenient to observe, can directly observe the realistic organs and structures of chest cavity and abdominal cavity and the gastric lavage process.helper for pediatric nursing teaching and training.


1.  Transparent chest wall,visible of external organs.such as stomach and lung, can examine if the operation is correct;

2.  Insertion of gastric tube through mouth or nose: nasal feeding, gastrolavage, haemostasis and gastroscopy operation, simulated gastric fluid can be extracted when the operation is correct; After finishing operation, the fluid in the digestive tract can be eliminated from body

3.  Endotracheal intubation via mouth or nose: Sputum suction and oxygen inhaling, etc

4.  Postoperative care for incision of tracheal and oral cavity care

5.  Manually generated carotid arterial pulse

6.  Can be placed in many postures, such as supine position, left-laterial position, sitting position, etc

7.  LCD display :different pupil states:normal.dilated. needle tip type.