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GD/HS4F Rotatable Radial Artery Puncture Arm


Brand:General Doctor

The model can simulate artery haemospasia, artery injection and artery transfusion under the simulative arterial blood pressure. It can be rotated through mechanical device, which can move the damaged artery and avoid vascular leakage after puncturation. So the operation training can be repeated. This model is suitable for medical college, nursing academy, health school and clinic workers to teach and exercise artery puncture. Rotate the radial artery if the simulative arterial blood is damaged. Wrist skin and blood vessel can be replaced if they are damaged. The model is made from imported PVC plastic material and stainless steel model which is injected through high temperature, with features of reasonable structure, realistic operation, solid and durable, sterilization and cleaning of non-deformation. 


1. Radial artery arm model, provide trainings of  artery haemospasia, artery injection and transfusion, etc

2. Squeeze the air ball to simulate the arteriopalmus and real arterial blood pressure;

3. There is obvious feeling when needle penetrates into the artery, and blood flash back indicates proper insertion;

4. The damaged radial artery site can be rotated through mechanical device