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GD/L260B Advanced Comprehensive Puncture Skills Training Simulator(Anteverted Sitting Position)


Brand:General Doctor

The product is designed for improving medical workers’ thoracic and lumbar puncture skills. It provides repeated practice without bring suffering to patients, to achieve the purpose of proficient and rapid completion of the operation.


1. The manikin backward sits in the armchair , arms put on the edge of the chair back, and head puts in the forearm

2. Distinct body surface symbols, can touch armpit, the seventh cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, bladebone, costal bone, intercostal space and lumbar

3. Thoracic puncture and lumbar puncture

4. Thoracic puncture:

Various puncture site: the seventh to ninth intercostal puncture of infrascapular line and the fifth to sixth intercostal puncture of axillary midline;

When needle penetrates through the partial pleura, needle resistance disappears, connect the syringe and extract the pleural effusion

5. Lumbar puncture

Realistic simulated waist anatomical structure with skin and subcutaneous tissue

Touch feeling as in human body when the spinal type needle penetrates into all layers of organization

A feeling of ”pop” can be felt when the puncture is correct, collect cerebrospinal fluid and measure pressure of cerebrospinal fluid in the special cases

With a part of the lumbar spine skeleton model, help understand the structure and function of the waist

One of the puncture modules can directly observe the anatomical characteristic of the lumbar spine skeleton and directly see the spinal type needle position

Can realize two people on the operation of lumbar puncture

Wireless remote control operation mode, English voice prompts for correct and wrong operation during the entire process.