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GD/L69B Central Venous Catheterization Simulator


Brand:General Doctor

The cervicular veins are filled with red simulative blood for internal jugular vein and subclavical vein puncturing use. Squeeze bulb can simulate carotid artery pulse. With accurate anatomy, palpation is exactly the same as on a patient. Replacing of the internal tubing and skin is extremely easy.


1. Cervical anatomical landmarks are quite clear and indicate structures of the sternal notch, clavicle, right cervical ribs, sternocleidomastoid and etc.

2. Venous system in the deep part of left neck consists of common carotid artery, internal jugular vein, external jugular vein, subclavical vein and brachiocephalic vein.

3. Internal jugular vein puncture and cannulation can be exercised.

4. Subclavical vein puncture and cannulation can be exercised.

5. Carotid artery pulse can be simulated.

6. The skin and veins can be replaced and students will feel an apparent “POP” when the needle has been thrust into the vein.

7. The heart floating swan-ganz intubation can be exercised.