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GD/L61 Venous Intervention Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


1. Adult’s upper body, realistic morphology and true texture.

2. Standard puncture position and obvious marks on body surface, easy for location.

3. Vein catheterization

* Median cubital vein, internal jugular vein and subclavian vein all allow venous puncture  practice. And there’s backflow of blood for proper puncture;

* Can simulate difficult intubation;

4. Chemotherapy pump

* Show the path and operation method of embedding chemotherapy pump internally;

* Clearly react all the possible abnormal conditions caused by the pump in the body: chemotherapy pump incline, shifting and rolling over;

* Available exercise on touching  where to place the internal chemotherapy pump;

* Practice in disinfection before administration and injection;

* Equipped with three different thoracic muscle modules to simulate shallow, moderate and deep embedment of chemotherapy pump;

5. Show the path and method of subcutaneously central vein catheterization.

6. Allow operation such as medicine transfusion, fluid infusion, blood specimen collection, heparinization and nutrition supply treatment, etc.