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GD/L70 Advanced Electronic Shoulder Joint Intracavitary Injection Simulator


Brand:General Doctor


1. Standard anatomical structure, scapula, clavicle, humerus, deltoid, biceps muscle of arm and important ligament of shoulder joint, train palpation technology of shoulder puncture positioning

2. Standard position study for puncture and injection

3. Six different parts for puncture and injection

1) Cavity of shoulder joint(anterior aspect )

2) Cavity of shoulder joint(rear aspect)

3) Subacromial bursitis

4) Acromioclavicular joint

5) Mecistocephalic tendinous sheath of biceps muscle of arm 

6) Suprascapular nerve block

4. Intelligent evaluation system: The green light on the control box will indicate correct puncture site.

5. Skin surface can be washed by subs