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GD/ACLS8000C Comprehensive Emergency Training System


Brand:General Doctor

GD/ACLS8000C is the world leading man-machine interaction ACLS training simulation system, can simulate real emergency scenes and all the related signs of emergency patient, such as: pupil states, artery pulse, heart rhythm, heart and lung auscultation sound, etc. All the clinical emergency measures such as defibrillation, pacing, CPR, drug therapy, etc, and real clinical emergency instrument can be acted on the system. The manikin would show different vital signs change according to different rescue measures. Open case editing function allows lecturer edit required emergency cases according to clinical practice and teaching requirement for students’ training use. Interactive internet features can implement whole students teaching; lecturer can acquire students’ operation data easily and timely give correction and guidance.

 Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2020 guideline for CPR and ECC


★ This sign indicates that the functions can be run only when the manikin is used with the optional accessories

Head and neck:

1. Vital signs simulation: pupil observation, LCD pupil display,diameter range: 1-9mm;  spontaneous carotid artery pulse, vivid reproduction of patient moaning, coughing and vomiting sound;

2. Many respiration modes

3. Airway management: standard oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy;detect intubation position via auscultation;

 Chest and abdomen:

1. CPR operation training: provide multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, BVM to mouth; electronic monitoring of airway open, inflation times, frequency, volume and compression times, frequency, position and depth; English voice prompts during the entire process; after successful rescue, pupil state change to normal and restore spontaneous carotid artery pulse;

★ Simulative defibrillation and pacing: multimedia animation displays the operation process of medical defibrillator; used with GD/J880 simulative defibrillating pacer to achieve defibrillation and pacing; defibrillation energy is selectable

★ Simulative AED: multimedia animation displays AED operation process; be used with GD/AED99Fautomatic external defibrillation machine to achieve AED training;

★ Simulative ECG monitoring: Monitor blood oxygen with finger-piece blood detecting head; simulative ECG monitoring can be achieved while using with GD/J115 simulative multi-parameter ECG monitor; available of thousands of ECG,

2. Auscultation: Provides dozens of sounds, including normal heart sound, abnormal heart sound, normal breath sound, abnormal breath sound, normal bowel sound, abnormal bowel sound;


■ BP measurement, venipuncture and vastus lateralis intramuscular injection; highly realistic arm vein; a discernable “pop” can be felt when entering the veins and blood flash back indicating proper insertion; skin and blood vessel is replaceable;


1. Simulative injection pump/infusion pump usage: Multimedia animation shows the operation procedures of injection pump and infusion pump; drugs can be selected while operation

2. Training and examination supporting ECG, emergency scenes, cases, CPR training and examination.

3. Emergency scenes script training /assessment: Dozens of emergency scenes are available,  these will help physicians practice emergency operation procedures of different cardiac diseases.    

4. Provide multiple drug treatment and typical auxiliary examination, chest x-ray, ultrasound ECG and 12-lead ECG, etc; Drugs can be added by user-self.

5. Script/cases editing: emergency cases can be edited by user self; pathogenetic condition changes and students operation process will be recorded in the software

6. Operate PETCO2: confirm tracheal intubation position and monitor the validity of resuscitation operation



1. ACLS Full-body manikin

2. GD/HS7 BP Measuring Unit

3. ACLS functional connector.

4. Laryngoscope

5. Tracheal canola

6. Transfusion set

7. BVM

8. Auscultator


1. ACLS Training Software V2.0

2. ACLS Script editing software V2.0

Optional accessories:

1. GD/J880 Simulative Cardiac defibrillating pacer

2. GD/AED99FAutomatic External Defibrillation Simulator

3. GD/J115  Simulative Multi-parameter ECG Monitor

4. Computer