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GD/ACLS1500 Comprehensive Infant Emergency Skills Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

GD/ACLS1500 is the world leading man-machine interaction infant ACLS training simulation system, can simulate real emergency scenes and all the related signs of emergency patient, such as: pupil states, artery pulse, heart rhythm, heart and lung auscultation sound, etc. All the clinical emergency measures such as defibrillation, pacing, CPR, drug therapy, etc, and real clinical emergency instrument can be acted on the system. The manikin would show different vital signs change according to different rescue measures. Open case editing function allows lecturer edit required emergency cases according to clinical practice and teaching requirement for students’ training use. Interactive internet features can implement whole students teaching; lecturer can acquire students’ operation data easily and timely give correction and guidance.

Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC


★     This sign indicates that the functions can be run only when the manikin is used with the optional accessories

Head and neck:

1.Normal, dilated pupil;

2. Airway management: realistic mouth, nose, tongue, gum, throat, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea, tracheal ring ; can practice tracheal intubation via mouth or nose, sputum suction; oxygen inhaling; allow monitoring airway intubation, show correct and wrong intubation; there is prompt for wrong tracheal intubation; only right chest rise can be observed due to excessive intubation position;

3. Gastric intubation: detect tube position via auscultation; inserting gastric tube for gastrointestinal decompression, nasal feeding, gastric lavage, etc;

4. Respiration mode: normal breath, meningitic breathing, irregular gasping, breathing holding, respiration ceases;

Chest and abdomen:

1. Pneumothorax puncture extraction, pleural effusion extraction training;

2. Auscultation sound: include heart sound, breath sound, bowel sound, of which the normal heart sound and breath sound can be adjusted according to the monitor HR and respiratory rate;

3. CPR training: Support multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, BVM to mouth; can monitor inflation times and frequency, compression time, frequency and depth; judge the ratio of artificial breathing and chest compression; 

★ Real defibrillation and pacing: Achieve real defibrillation and pacing by using with real defibrillating pacer(prepared by user-self);

★ ECG monitoring: Be used with real ECG monitor (prepared by user-self) to realize ECG monitoring;


1. Venous transfusion/puncture, arm veins include and Scalp vein includes.

2. Bone marrow puncture: Effusion of simulative bone marrow prompts proper tibial puncture; can inject into drugs and practice transfusion;

3. BP measurement training

4. Realistic infant manikin with height50cm, body weight3kg; limb joint: bend, rotate, upper and lower movement;


1. Vital signs monitoring: spontaneous breath; simulate femoral artery, umbilical artery pulse; heart rate, cardiac rhythm, crying, hiccupping, BP, saturation of blood oxygen, ABP, mixed cyanosis, central cyanosis, peripheral cyanosis;  

2. large numbers of questions, ECG, emergency scenes and cases are available in the system;

3. Infant ACLS emergency script editor is used to edit infant emergency cases and simulate emergency scenes;

4. Infant ACLS emergency script training software

5. Vital signs of manikin; recording operation log;

6. Wireless connection between manikin and the simulative system;

7. Perform PETCO2: confirm tracheal intubation position and monitor the effectiveness of resuscitation operation

Standard components:

1. Intelligent ACLS Baby Manikin

2. GD/HS7 BP Training Equipment

3. Heart and Lung Auscultation Simulator Set

4. GD/XD1000I ECG Generator

5. GD/CC999I Defibrillator Converter

6. BVM, Stethoscope, Laryngoscope, Tracheotomy tube, Infusion set.

7. Emergency System Controller  

8. Medical Air Compressor

Optional accessories:

1. Computer