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GD/ACLS10800 ACLS Adult Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

GD/ACLS10800 provides ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support) comprehensive emergency skills training, which is suitable for hospitals, Medical colleges and Medical schools emergency simulation operation. The product adopts imported environmental material. The system consists of manikin, large-screen colored display, simulative AED, remote controller, can act a serial of emergency means, such as: CPR, tracheal intubation, etc. It provides a simple and practical ACLS training tool for emergency physicians.


Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC



1. Bilateral pupils contrast observation: normal, mydriasis, simulate carotid arterial pulse.

2. Airway management: standard oral and nasal intubation supporting open airway by head tilt and jaw thrust, there is alarm warning if pressure is exerted on teeth.

3. CPR: can be artificial respiration and chest compressions,Operation type: one or more training, full English prompts, the standard open airway, instantaneous displaying graphics of data, statistics report sound directions related to CPR.

4. Simulating of a patient: the changes of pupils and carotid; the sounds of respiratory, moan, cough and vomit; more than 16 kinds of rhythm (access to 3/4 lead ECG monitoring); unilateral or bilateral bronchial obstruction; laryngospasm simulation.

5. Intravenous infusion and blood pressure measure training.

6. Pre-hospital emergency evaluation module

7. Medicine box: coordinate with emergency operation

8. ECG Inspection

Alternative accessories:

1. Rescue console

2. Trauma modules of limbs


Standard components:

1. ACLS computer screen

2. Standard manikn

3. Infrared remote controller

4. GD/HS7 Advanced BP Measureing Unit

5. Airway management component

6. Simulation of drug delivery devices

Optional accessories:

GD/AED99F Automatic External Defibrillation Machine