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GD/ACLS155 ACLS Infant Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

GD/ACLS155 provides infant ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support) comprehensive emergency skills training, which is suitable for hospitals, Medical colleges and Medical schools emergency simulation operation. The manikin is designed according to neonatal anatomical and physiological characteristics, adopting imported environmental material. The system consists of manikin, large-screen colored display, simulative AED, remote controller, can act a serial of emergency means, such as: CPR, tracheal intubation, real defibrillation and pacing, simulative defibrillation and pacing, ECG study and assessment, etc. It provides a simple and practical ACLS training tool for emergency physicians.

Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC


1. Vital signs simulation: bilateral pupil observation: dilated and normal; simulate femoral artery, brachial artery and radial artery pulse;

2. Airway Management: Real mouth, nose, gums, throat, esophagus, epiglottis, trachea; it can be do intubation and suction through mouth.

3. Venous transfusion/puncture, arm veins include and Scalp vein includes.

4. Gastric intubation: detect tube position by means of auscultation; can practice gastrointestinal decompression, nasal feeding, gastric lavage, etc.

5. Bone marrow puncture: practice tibial puncture; outflow of simulative bone marrow shows proper puncture operation; drug liquid can be injected into and can practice transfusion operation;

6. CPR: Support multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, BVM to mouth; electronic monitoring of airway open, inflation times, frequency, volume and compression times, frequency, position and depth; automatic judgment of artificial respiration and chest compression ratio; real-time data display, English voice prompts during the entire process.

7. ECG monitoring: can perform ECG monitoring; 20 kinds of ECG are available.

8. Heart and Lung Auscultation: It can do auscultation and recognize hundreds of sound such as normal and abnormal heart sound, breath sound, bowel sound and vascular murmur with manikin.

9. Real defibrillation and pacing: can perform real defibrillation and pacing by using with the real defibrillating pacer (should be prepared by yourself)

Standard components:

1. Intelligent ACL Neonate Manikin

2. GD/HS7 BP Training Equipment

3. GD/Z970I Heart and Lung Auscultation Simulator Set

4. GD/XD1000I ECG Generator

5. GD/CC999I Defibrillator Convertor

6. CPR Displayer

7. BVM, Stethoscope, Laryngoscope, Tracheotomy tube, Infusion set.

Optional accessories:

1. GD/AED99F Automatic External Defibrillation Simulator

2. GD/J880 Simulative Cardiac Defibrillator and pacemaker