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GD/BLS10700 CPR and AED Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

Vividly simulate BLS first-aid procedures; can perform CPR training and connect the real monitor;can also provide defibrillation and pacing training by using real defibrillation and pacing instrument, manikin would make corresponding physiological responses and display through the monitor.


Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2010 guideline for CPR and ECC


System Functions:

1. Vital signs simulation: pupil changes and carotid artery pulse, simulate ECG via ECG simulator;

2. Airway open training: standard airway open operation, the display would show whether the airway is open or not;

3. CPR training: CPR training is designed according to 2010 international CPR guideline; can perform CPR and external cardiac compression,  English voice prompts during the entire process; standard airway open, real-time operation waveform display, voice prompts of wrong compression and inflation, data statistics, result printing, available of trainging and test mode;

4. ECG simulator: available of more than 10 kinds of heart rhythm can be chosen, users can set the manikin heart rhythm change by themselves;

5. Simulate heart rhythm can occur corresponding physiological changes.

6. Script editor: the system provides multiple emergency cases, and support users self-editting emergency cases;

7. Be available of standalone version and online interactive version, the former version can be upgraded into the latter one;

8. Real defibrillation and pacing: can perform real defibrillation and pacing by using with the real defibrillating pacer (should be prepared by yourself)

9. ECG monitoring: can perform ECG monitoring; 20 kinds of ECG are available;

10. Can perform multi-media courseware teaching, can also attach to projector to play;

11. GD/J110-4 Advanced Limb Trauma Module

 1) Simulate limbs trauma and burn skin replacement;

 2) Simulate wound washing, disinfection, stop bleeding, bandaging of the wound; fixation and moving of patient

 3) Simulate open fracture and fragmentation treatment of various body sites

 4) Wound type: open fracture of right hand, laceration wound of soft tissue, bone tissue exposure, metal pricking wound in right thigh, open fracture of right foot, amputation trauma of right little finger, I, II, III degree burn of left forearm.


Standard components:

1. BLS full-body manikin

2. GD/J110-4 Advanced Trauma Limb Modules

3. GD/AED99E Automatic External Defibrillation Simulator

4. Software


Optional accessories:

Computer / Laptop