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GD/CPR10500 CPR Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

The system provides CPR multimedia courseware teaching, operation process training and assessment. The system consists of CPR application software, full-body manikin, limbs trauma modules; it can simulate pupil changes, carotid artery pulse, CPR training and assessment, multimedia courseware teaching and limbs trauma. It is applicable for CPR training organization, hospitals, Medical colleges andMedicalSchoolfor CPR training.


Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC


1. Simulating of a patient: the changes of pupils and carotid

2. Open airway

3. CPR: instantaneous graphics displaying of data, statistic report, training evaluation for one or more person, optional sounds related to CPR.


Optional accessories:

1. Stainless steel console car

2. First-aid operation console

3. GD/J110-4 Trauma module of limbs.

4. Computer