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GD/CPR10280 Advanced CPR Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

Combining 2020 International CPR standard, the product functions are completely improved. It highlights the examination and judgment before CPR operation which much more in line with the real clinical CPR operation requirement, improving survival rate.


Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2020 guideline for CPR and ECC


CPR manikin features:

1. Clear anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance;

2. Simulate vital signs:

 1) Initial state: manikin pupils are dilated, no carotid artery pulse;

 2) During the compression operation, there is passive pulse of carotid artery, and the pulse rate is in line with compression rate; 

 3) After successful rescue, the manikin pupils return to normal and get spontaneous carotid artery pulse;

3. Provide consciousness judgment, emergency call, pulse examination, breath examination and foreign body clearance operation;

4. Can perform artificial breathing and cardiac compression, airway open;

5. Three operation modes: CPR training, simulating assessment and actual assessment

 1) Mode I: CPR training, can perform compression and inflation

 2) Mode II: Simulating assessment, during the rated period complete 5 cycles CPR operation basing on 2020 international CPR standard, with compression and inflation ratio: 30:2;

 3) Mode III: Actual assessment, during the setting period, complete the pre-set assessment rules according to the 2020 international CPR standard.

CPR screen features:

1. Electronic monitoring: Monitor airway open and compression site; show the correct No. and wrong No. of artificial breath and external cardiac compression;

2. Voice prompt: English voice prompt during the training and assessment operation; voice can be closed or open, volume can be adjusted;

3. Indicators show inflation volume, correct inflation volume: 500/600ml—1000ml;

 1) Insufficient inflation volume, yellow indicator

 2) Proper inflation volume, green indicator

 3) Excessive inflation volume, red indicator

4. Indicators show compression depth: correct compression depth: 5-6cm

 1) Insufficient compression depth, yellow indicator;

 2) Proper compression depth, green indicator

 3) Excessive compression depth, red indicator;

5. Operation time can be set in second;

6. Operation rate: ≥100 times/min

7. Power: 220V, 24V output powder via manostat


1. Available synchronous printing while operation

2. Print after the operation is finished

3. The content of result sheet covers operation mode, consciousness judgment, emergency call, pulse examination, breath examination, foreign body clearance, inflation and compression number every operation cycle, correct/wrong compression , reason for wrong compression ,correct/wrong inflation, reason for incorrect inflation, time setting, operation time, assessment evaluation.

RF Remote controller

RF remote controller: teacher can control CPR operation, pupil changes, pulse activity, print and other functions by using remote controller; can also record conscious judgment, emergency call, pulse examination, breath examination, and foreign body clearance.


The model is molded under high temperature by means of stainless mould, with face skin, neck skin, chest skin and hair made of imported material. It features durability, non-deformation and easy assembly and disassembly.

Standard components:

■ CPR manikin       ■ CPR displayer with Printer   ■ RF remote controller