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GD/CPR169+ Half-body CPR Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

CPR manikin features:

1. Provide CPR operation practice;

2. Inflation: multiple ventilation ways, mouth to mouth, bag valve-mask to mouth, mechanical ventilation; the chest will rise when the ventilation is performed properly;

3. External chest compression: the manikin features important anatomical landmarks, can effectively teach and practice external chest compression; it includes rib cage, jugular notch, sternum and xiphoid process;

4. Can simulate carotid pulse. The instructor can vary the intensity and rate of the carotid pulse by the strength applied to the bulb;

5. Can practice the techniques of abdominal thrust, for the removal of airway foreign body obstruction;

6. Individual MOUTH/ NOSE piece, replaceable; the manikin comes with 10pcs MOUTH/ NOSE piece;

7.  Power: DC power supply