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GD/CPR140 Infant Obstruction Model


Brand:General Doctor

The product is designed for practicing Heimlich maneuver. The manikin is designed according to infant anatomic and physiological characteristics and suitable for airway foreign body emergency. Airway foreign body is common in infant and children. Infant and children due to immature epiglottal cartilage and unsound function, it is easy to inhale the contents into trachea, if they speak, cry , laugh and do active activities with contents in the mouth, it would cause airway obstruction and choking.

1) Back blow method: let patient ride and pronate on the rescuer ’s arm with head lower than trunk, fix head and put his arm on rescuer ’s thigh, then blow patient back forcefully 4-6 times with the other hand, so that a sudden increase in airway pressure can help loosen anddischarge the foreign body.

2) Chest-thrust method: Let patient in supine position and hold in rescuer’sarm, with head a little lower than trunk; press the middle part between two nipples 4-6times with two fingers. When necessary, the two methods can be interchangeably used until the foreign body is discharged or patient loss consciousness.


1.  Artificial respiration and external chest compression;

2. Simulation of natural airway;

3. Airway opening and chest compression;

4. Chest rise when airway opened;

5. Simulation of foreign-body airway obstruction.