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GD/AED99D+ AED Simulator and CPR Manikin Set


Brand:General Doctor

This manikin is suitable for BLS (Basic Life support) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training.

Features of GD/AED99D:

1. Opening or closing the cover will turn on AED instrument.

2. Simulate first-aid procedure; GD/AED99D (only for training use) has not high tension shock motion.

3. Automatically check the position of electrode pad.

4. There are 9 internal scripts, simulating different conditions.

5. Simulate: touch the patient’s body when conducting AED; the position of electrode pad is wrong or right; it is need to defibrillate or not; machine has trouble; the electricity is low.

6. Electricity management function: The system automatically checks the batteries electricity. When the electricity is low, there will be sound indicating. During the interval of two times, system will enter saving power mode. If there isn’t operation in 3 minutes, system will enter waiting mode.

7. Lithium battery

Features of half-body CPR manikin:

1. Simulate airway opening

2. External breast compression: sound prompting

3. Artificial respiration: observe the fluctuation of chest (Inhalation standard: 500/600ml-1000ml)

4. Operation frequency: 100 times per minute (the latest international standard)

5. Operation mode: exercise mode