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GD/ZXD1900 ECG Simulated Teaching System


Brand:General Doctor

In medical education, the traditional teaching method can only obtain ECG from human body to let students read and analyze, and grouped students describe the normal electrocardiogram in ECG practice, for the abnormal ECG, students can only read and analyze the existing electrocardiogram information, this limits their studying range. Now our company develops the newest ECG manikin, which is on-site real operation of electrocardiograph, collecting all kinds of electrocardiogram, can be used for teaching, practice and assessment, greatly enhancing students’ interest in study and improving teaching quality of skills training and assessment.


1. Basic theory teaching of ECG

2. Measuring and analysis of normal electrocardiogram

3. Common clinical ECG diagnosis , ECG characteristic, clinical analysis prompts

4. Various kinds of clinical real patients’ ECG

5. All students teaching function: the teaching content in the teacher’s computer can be sent to all the students’ computer,  teacher’s  computer can control all the students’ computers and operate all the theoretical study and manikin operation;

6. Local area network teaching, friendly interface, interactive teaching, teaching counseling, with two modes of unity teaching and free study

7. Make ECG teaching much closer to clinical practice, greatly enhance students’ interest in studying and significantly improve teaching effect

System Configuration:

Hardware: ECG manikin, electrocardio lead wire

Software: LAN application software of teacher computer V1.0

        LAN application software of students’ computer V1.0