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GD/ZXD190 ECG Simulated Manikin


Brand:General Doctor


1. Made with high technology, flexible and elastic skin, with marks of the auscultatory site, anti-aging, anti-high temperature and low temperature, sturdiness and durability, adopting advanced makeup art technology to make the manikin beautiful and vivid as true person; 

2. Controlled by micro-computer; a variety of normal and abnormal ECG signals are stored in the manikin; each ECG signal is showed by the analog-to-digital code.

3. Connect with the common ECG or ECG monitor when using, and connect the lead wire of the ECG machine to the relevant parts of limbs and chest respectively

4. For teaching practice and assessment, operate the code button on the manikin panel and input the ECG code according to your need, then ECG waveform will be automatically described via the ECG machine and monitor 

5. Realistic waveform and adjustable heart rate