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GD/CPR10160 Child CPR Training Manikin


Brand:General Doctor

CPR manikin features:

1. Clear anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance;

2. Simulate vital signs: squeeze the rubber ball to simulate carotid artery pulse;

3. Can perform artificial respiratory and extracardial compression;

4. Operation mode: CPR training, can perform compression and inflation;

CPR screen functions:

1. Indicators show inflation volume, correct inflation volume: 150ml-200ml; When the inflation volume is insufficient, proper or excessive, indicators will accordingly be yellow, green or red, and alarm will ring if there are operation mistakes.

2. Operation frequency: ≥100 times/ min

3. Ratio of compression and artificial respiratory: 30:2/single or 15:2/double

4. Operation cycle: after 2 valid inflation, then 5 cycles CPR operation according to the ratio of compression and inflation 30:2 or 15:2;

5. Power: 220V; 6V output powder via manostat; or use 4pcs 1 battery for field training