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Brand:General Doctor


1. It has  anatomic structure of feet and ankle joint. it has obvious body surface symbols, which is able to do palpation training of correct localization.

2. Soft issues injection or  intraarticular injection of different parts of feet and ankle joint.

3. It has control box of intelligent evaluation system. Pilot light will be on correspondingly whenever right operation or nerves damaged.

Application methods

1. put the model on the table and check to ensure the placement of the battery is correct. Turn on main switch of LED control box

(Note: just extended press for 3 to 5 seconds on the main switch on the panel of LED control box, LED control box will be opened)

Disinfection is a must before puncture. Pay attention to aseptic procedure and wear rubber gloves. Palpate soft tissues or joints. Localize injection part correctly and use 10ml syringe connected to guide line to puncture vertically. If incorrect injection operation is performed, pilot light of control box will display correspondingly.

2. Feedback the display function of control box pilot light:  If correct injection operation is performed, pilot light of control box will display green color with humming sound.

3. When performing the operation of feet and ankle intraarticular injection, practice in according to the structure labeled on the control box.

(1) Plantar fascia

(2) Achilles bursa

(3) Tibial astragaloid joint

(4) Articulatio subtalaris

(5) The first metatarsophalangeal joint

(6) The fifth metatarsophalangeal joint

(7)  Morton's neuroma(the second metatarsophalangeal nerve)

(8) Morton's neuroma(the third metatarsophalangeal nerve)

(9) Sinuses tarsi

(10) Tarsal tunnel

4. Plantar fascia injection

Plantar fascia is located in the deep surface of feet skin. Use syringe to puncture the skin vertically. If the puncture of skin is correct, corresponding green light on the control box will on. It is available to conduct drug injection.