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GD/J159 CPR and Intubation Training Manikin (the Elderly)


Brand:General Doctor


1. Pupil response: Bilateral pupils contrast observation.

2. Carotid artery response: pinching pressure the ball to simulate carotid pulse;

3. Chest compressions;

4. Standard airway open;

5. Feasible three ways to open the airway: lift jaw with head back, lift the head and neck, lift jaw by hands;

6. Mouth resuscitation and ventilator-assisted breathing, effective artificial respiration has visible chest rise;

7. Simulate larygeal mask airway and composite cannula can be inserted into the airway;

8. Verify endotracheal intubation is correct ot not: a catheter inserted into the trachea, lungs will swell (plastic bladder) when inflated; If the catheter is inserted by mistake esophagus, stomach will swell when inflated (plastic pouch). Observed pulmonary respiration;

9. Artificial ventilation;

10. Oral or nasal intubation and esophageal intubation;

11. Open the airway and practise from resuscitator bag to breathing mask or from resuscitator bag to the cannula;

12. Respiratory tract is simple and can be replaced;

13. Easy to carry, suitable for field training.