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GD/AED99D AED Simulator


Brand:General Doctor

GD/AED99D consists of host, battery cassette, training used electrode patch and remote controller. It is suitable for Medical Schools, Nursing College, Occupational Health Schools and Hospital to carry out BLS training. Be familiar with BLS emergency process and steps, master AED using method.



1. Open the cover to turn on AED, close the cover to turn off AED. Single bond defibrillation operation function.

2. Simulate AED working procedures in emergency field, without high tension shock defibrillation, voice prompts during the entire process.

3. Available of English and Chinese voice prompts, volume can be adjusted

4. Built-in 9 scenes, can simulate different scenarios of emergency situation, can pause the process at any time and continue to BLS;

5. Trouble simulation functions, can be chosen via remote controller; including touch patient body, wrong patch position, do not require defibrillation, require defibrillation, machine troubles, low battery during defibrillation process;

6. Battery management function, the system will automatically check battery capacity, if the battery is low, there will be voice prompt;

7. Can be used with manikin of any factories and types.