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GD/J109-1 Upper Limbs Bandaging & Hemostasis System


Brand:General Doctor

First aid manikin bandaging and hemostasis are one of the important measures for emergency on scene. Timely and correct bandaging can achieve hemostasis by compression, infection reduction, wounds protection, pain relief and fixation of dressings and splint. Reversely, wong bandaging will lead to bad consequences such as haemorrhage increasing, infection exacerbation, new hurt and sequelae. The smart haemorrhage arm model developed by our company provides simulation exercise on treating arm arterial and venous bleeding for medical workers. It is an ideal product for all the medical colleges to have hemostasis and bandaging test.


1. Simulate standard upper limbs of Asian adults with accurate anatomical structure, which makes skills training more vivid;

2. Infuse simulated blood to imitate various arm traumatic bleeding conditions, freely set different environmental script and train how to make environmental evaluation and traumatic condition judgement rapidly.

3. Simulated humans to sense different hemostasis pressure and accordingly produce different effects, and the pressure changes will be synchronously shown on the monitor.